Mt. Zion Area Economic Development Corporation


The mission of the Mt. Zion Area Economic Development Commission is to provide new opportunities for prosperity and growth to Mt. Zion.


In order to fulfill the Commission’s mission, the following goals will direct the course of action:

 1) In partnership with other area organizations, lead local efforts to improve the quality of life in Mt. Zion by sponsoring local events that offer recreational opportunities for its residents and generate visitor traffic to the area and area businesses. 

  • Reach out to other organizations and associations with an interest in development in Mt Zion and seek opportunities to work collaboratively.
  • Coordinate Mt Zion’s annual Blue Ribbon Days.
  • Host periodic development luncheons aimed at informing community leaders about relevant economic development matters.

 2) Support the Village’s business attraction efforts by developing and maintaining a strong relationship with the Village’s economic development staff and assist those efforts when requested and appropriate. 

  • Support efforts to recruit new investors for commercial business in the Village
  • Help generate leads from contacts made throughout central Illinois for key target segments identified in marketing plan.
  • Help identify and resolve critical issues and threats facing Mt Zion, principally available land.

 3) Lead a local initiative to establish, deliver and make available a Mt. Zion identity or brand. The branding message can be used to promote the EDC’s efforts as well as for use by other  local development and promotional campaigns. 

  • Retain a consultant and develop a “branding” campaign for Mt. Zion.
  • Develop and implement a program by the EDC to advance the new Mt. Zion brand.
  • Identify and reach out to other civic and development related organizations in the Mt. Zion area for possibly adoption and use of the new Mt. Zion brand.

Group Members

Erica Alford

Vice President
Julie Miller


Corey McKenzie

Kyle Pflum

Glenda Brown

Nicole Bateman

Dennis Warner

Andrew Young

Non-voting Member
Mayor Lucas Williams

Contact Info

Julie Miller
Village Administrator
1400 Mt. Zion Parkway
(217) 864-5424